No. 1(2)/98/D(Pen/Sers),

Government of India

Ministry of Defence

New Delhi

Dated the 14th July, 1998


The Chief of the Army Staff

The Chief of the Naval Staff

The Chief of the Air Staff


Subject :          Implementation of Government Decisions on the Recommendations of the Fifth Central Pay Commission : Revision of Pension of Pre-1986/Pre-1996 Pensioners / Ordinary family Pensioners belonging to Armed Forces personnel below officer Rank (PBOR)


The undersigned is directed to state that in pursuance of Government decision on the recommendations of Fifth Central Pay Commission notified vide Government of India, Ministry of Personnel, Public Grievances & Pension, Department of Pension and Pensioners/ Welfare Resolution No. 45/86/97-P&PW(A) dated 30-9-1997 and this Ministry's Letter No. 1(2)/97/D(Pen/Sers) dated 24-11-1997, sanction of the President is hereby accorded to the revision of pension/ordinary family pension w.e.f. 01.01.1996 in respect of personnel below officer rank (PBOR) of pre 1986/pre-1996 Armed Forces pensioners/ordinary family pensioners who were in receipt of following types of pension as on 01.01.1996, in the manner indicated in the succeeding paras :-


(a)             Service Pension

(b)             Special Pension

(c)             Invalid Pension

(d)             Ordinary Pension/Mustering out pension to pre 1.6.53 retirees.

(e)             Service element of disability pension.

(f)             Service element of War Injury Pay.

(g)             Ordinary Family Pension.


2.         These Orders apply to all the Armed Forces personnel below officer rank (PBOR) including non-combatant (enrolled) (NCs (E)) and their NOKs who were drawing pension/Ordinary pension as on 01.01.1996 under the Pension Regulations of the three Services as well as pension rules of various erstwhile State Forces and various orders issued from time to time.


3.            Consolidation of pension/ordinary family pension in terms of para 4.1.1 of Ministry of Defence letter No. 1(2) /97/D/(Pens/Sers) dated 24.11.1997 in respect of following categories will be treated as final as no revision is due under these orders :


(a)        Service pension/invalid pension/service element of disability pension/service element of war injury pension/special pension granted to Armed Forces personnel discharged/invalided out of service between o1 January 1986 and 31st December 1995.

(b)             Reservists pension in respect of all pre 1.1.1996 reservists pensioners.


(c)             Ordinary family pension granted in respect of those discharged/died between 01.01.1986 and 31.12.1995 at the rate of 30% of reckonable emoluments last drawn.


4.         The provisions of this letter do not apply to the following categories :-


a)         Gallantry awardees-monetary allowances attached to the award, such as Param Vir Chakra, Ashok Chakra etc.,


b)             UK/HKSRA/Burma and Pakistan Army Pensioners


c)         Persons in receipt of Compassionate Allowance, Guzara, Reservist Allowance or any other allowance on which deraness relief is not admissible.


d)         Ex-gratia family pension at the rate of Rs. 150/- per-month to the families of deceased reservists covered by Govt. of India, Ministry of Defence Order No. 10(7)/92/D(Pen/Ser) dated 30 Mar 1992.


e)             Persons in receipt of disability element only.


f)          Non-Combatant (Enrolled) skilled Artificers of Corps of EME granted Ex-gratia at Rs. 283.00 pm and their families granted Ex-gratia payment @ Rs. 150.00 p.m.

(Separate orders will be issued in respect of (d), (e) & (f) above).


5.         In accordance with the Government instructions issued from time to time, Service pension of all pre-1986 PBOr was based on pay at the maximum of the scale of the rank last held during last ten months of his discharge plus half of maximum of classification pay, if any, drawn on the date of discharge. Ordinary family pension in case of PBOR is based on the pay last drawn by the deceased. Government has, inter alia accepted the recommendation of the Fifth Central Pay Commission to the effect that service pension of all the pre-1`986 retirees may be brought on to post-01.01.1986 rate of pension determined under the Ministry of Defence letter No. 1(5)/87/D(Pen/Ser) dt. 30.10.87 as amended from time to time appropriate to rank, group and qualifying service, on which pension has earlier been sanctioned. Thereafter, for the purpose of consolidation of their pension as on 01.01.1986., they may be treated alike those who have retired on or after 01.01.1986.


Updation of Pension of PBOR discharged before 01 Jan,1986


6.            Accordingly, pension of all PBOR who were discharged/invalied prior to 01.01.1986 and were in receipt of any type of pension mentioned in para 1 above as on 01.01.1996 will be re-fixed at the same rate which was admissible to a PBOR discharged on or after 1.1.86 for the same length of qualifying service, rank and group held during the last 10 months of his service. The pension so worked out shall be consolidated as on 1.1.96 In accordance with provisions contained in para 4.1.1 of this Ministry's letter dated 24.11.97 and shall be treated as basic pension for the purpose of grant of dearness relief from time to time.


            The eight pay groups A to H introduced vide AI 33/S/47 were re-grouped to form five new groups A.B.C.D. and E vide AI 3/S/74. PBOR Pensioners discharged prior to 01.01.73 in pay groups D.F.F. and Gunner GD of Group G were equated to new group D, and those in group G (excluding Gunner GD) and Group H to new group-E. Similarly, Airmen of groups 3 to 4 were equated to new group-3 and those in Group 5 to new group 4 vide AFI/2/S/74. The revised consolidated pension in respect of pre 01.01.73 discharged PBOR has accordingly been computed in the tables at Appendix.


7.         The Pension Disbursing Authorities (PDAs) including Public Sector Banks disbursing defence pension, are hereby authorised  for refixation and  consolidation of pension (excluding family pension) wef 1.1.96 in the light of the above decision in respect of PBOR and subject to the conditions set out in the succeeding paragraphs. The PDAs shall carry out such refixation without any further authorisation from the concerned Pension Sanctioning Authorities (PSAs) and pay the arrears on account of such refixation except in those cases which are required to be referred to the PSAs as mentioned in para 10 below.




8.         With a view to quicken the re-fixation of pension by PDA, tables indicating original pension (OP) as sanctioned in the PPO(s) from the date following the date of discharge, existing pension (EP) as was payable on 1.1.96 i.e. revised consolidated pension under Fourth Pay Commission plus one time increase (OTI), if any (Without consolidation under this Ministry's letter dated 24.11.97 ) and the revised consolidated pension (RCP) payable as on 1.1.1996 for different rank  and group of PBOR pensioners of Army/Navy/Air Force discharged during different period of time is given in Appendix to this letter.


NOTE:- OP means pension as notified initially in the first PPO which may have been amended subsequently through Corrigendum PPO from the very date or commencement of pension. In such cases the amended amount of pension will be taken as original pension.


EP means pension as revised and consolidated from 1.1.86 under Govt. orders implementing Fourth Central pay Commission recommendations together with one time increase (OTI), if any, authorised.




9.         The PDAs will arrive at the revised consolidated  pension (RCP) in the cases covered by the Tables as under:-


(a)        The PDA will see the rank and group of the pensioners, date of commencement of pension, and  amount of original pension (OP) (basic pension without commutation) from the PPO or in its absence from the pension Certificate (original), Descriptive Roll and Discharge Certificate. The aforesaid amount of basic pension before commutation should exclude other elements such as adhoc ex-gratia amount, temporary increase, adhoc increase, adhoc relief or dearness reliefs.


(b)        The PDA will then see whether the table relevant for that rank and group and date of discharge contain exactly the same rate of pension under the column(a) original pension (OP). If it does, the corresponding existing pension (EP)  is the revised consolidated pension (RCP) as 1.1.86 plus OTI as admissible. If both match, the corresponding revised consolidated pension (RCP) appearing under column (c) will be the revised consolidated pension as on 1.1.96 for the rank, group, qualifying service and period of retirement. In such a case the revised consolidated pension (RCP)  will replace wef 1.1.96, the rate of service pension, invalid pension, service element of disability pension, service element of war injury pay, special pension, ordinary pension and mustering out pension (for pre 1.6.53)and PDA will pay arrears as may be due on account of this refixation. (para 18 also refers).


(c)        PDA will complete part II of the application to be submitted by pensioners/family pensioners as per para 23.1 indicating revised consolidated pension (RCP) as on 1.1.96, inter alia, indicating adhoc exgratia, etc. if any, being paid to the pensioners and forward both the copies thereof to the concerned Record office for arranging fixation of notional pay as on 1.1.86 and eventual computation of entitlement of ordinary family pension to the family pensioners.




10.1     Where the date of commencement of pension is not available the pensioner may be asked to produce the original pension certificate issued by the Pension Sanctioning Authority and the original discharge certificate. If entries in both these documents lead to a clear conclusion, regarding the date of commencement of pension as falling in the specified period, the relevant column of the table will be referred to by PDAs for determining the revised consolidated pension (RCP) on the basis of rank, group, OP and EP where OP and EP must match .


10.2     Where OP is not available or OP as per records of PDA does not find place in the relevant table but EP matches for the rank, group and period of discharge and appropriate length of service, the revised consolidated pension(RCP) as shown under Column (c) against EP will be paid provisionally but necessary authorisation obtained from PSA and necessary adjustments made on receipt of authorisation.


10.3     Where OP is not available with the PDAs and EP does not match with the amount of pension being actually paid but the rank, group and date of commencement of pension is available or can be ascertained from pension certificate, discharged certificate, necessary authorisation of revised consolidated pension (RCP) may be obtained from the PSA.


10.4     In cases where the OP and EP do not match for a particular known rank, group and date of commencement of pension, such cases will be referred to PSA(CCDA)(P) /CDA(N)/CDA (AF) for authorisation of revised consolidated pension (RCP) as payable wef 1.1.96 Cases where original pension was amended on account of retrospective application of ten month-rank rule wef 1.4.79 or from the date of discharge of such a date falls between 1.4.79 to  30.6.79, OP and EP as per the records held by PDAs will not match with those shown in tables. There will also be cases where original pension was reduced as a result of penalty or otherwise reduced by competent authority. In such cases OP and EP will not match and revised consolidated pension (RCP) authorisation by PSA will be necessary.


10.5 In cases where OP matches for a particular rank and group and relevant period of discharge, but the EP does not match, revised consolidated pension (RCP) authorisation from PSA will be obtained. However, in the following cases OP will match with the figures in the relevant table but EP will not match :-


a)         Cases where individuals are/were in receipt of two pensions.

b)         Cases where individuals were re-employed prior to 1.1.92.


10.6     In cases where information regarding group is not available with the PDAs and can not also be ascertained from  the original pension certificate/discharge certificate produced by the pensioner, the amount of revised consolidated pension (RCP) payable wef 1.1.96 will be obtained from the PSA.


10.7     In all cases where qualifying service rendered by PBOR pensioners is less than 15 years, such cases, will be referred by RO to PSA concerned with requisite application forms of the pensioners for determination of revised consolidated pension and intimating the same to the PDA concerned.




11.1     The pension and ordinary family pension will be revised and consolidated under these orders in respect of PBOR of TA other than civil Govt. servants and civil pensioners. In case of pre 1.1.1986 retirees the notional pay will be fixed by PAO (ORs) in the applicable Scale of Pay of the rank and group as applicable to post 1.1.1986 retirees and thereafter the pension and ordinary family pension will be recomputed under this Ministry's letter No. 1(5)/87/D(pen/Ser) dt.30.10.1987 and consolidated under this Ministry letter dt. 24.11.1997 ibid.


11.2            Qualifying service initially taken for calculation of pension shall be taken into account for revision of pension. The 5% cut on pension imposed in respect of PBOR who have completed 15 years or more but less than 20 years of aggregate embodied service will also be applied as usual while revising the pension under these orders.




12.1     As the ordinary family pension is computed with reference to emoluments (basics pay and classification pay , if any)Last drawn by a PBOR, the notional pay of PBOR who was discharged/died prior to 1.1.86 in respect of whom ordinary family pension was being paid/ payable on or after 1.1.86 shall be updated on a notional basis in the revised scale of pay for the rank held by the pensioner at the time of discharge/death introduced subsequent to discharge/death of PBOR consequent upon promulgation of Revised Pay Rules on implementation of recommendations of successive Pay Commissions or Departmental Committee or award of Board of Arbitration or judgment of Court or due to general revision of the scale of pay. The last occasion shall be fixation of pay in the scale introduced on the basis of fourth Central Pay Commission and made effective from 1.1.86. while fixing pay on notional basis on each occasion, the pay fixation formula approved by the government and other relevant instructions on the subject in force at the relevant time shall be strictly followed. However, the benefit of any notional increments, admissible in terms of the rules and instructions applicable at the relevant time shall not be extended in any case of refixation of pay on notional basis.


12.2     The notional pay so arrived as on 01.01.1986 shall be treated as last pay drawn by the deceased and the ordinary family pension shall be calculated thereon after taking in to account classification pay, if any, as on 1.1.86 at the rate in force as on 01.01.1986. This ordinary family pension shall be consolidated in accordance with the provisions contained in para 4.1.1 of this Ministry's letter No. 1(2)/97/D(Pen/Ser) dated 24 November,1997.


12.3     It has been separately decided that w.e.f. 01.10.1996 ordinary family pension shall be calculated at a uniform rate of 30% of basis pay in all cases instead of slab system and shall be subject to a minimum of Rs.1275/- p.m. and maximum of 30% of the highest pay in the Government. It has also been decided that the benefit of increased rate of ordinary family pension introduced w.e.f. 01.01.1996 may also be extended to pre-1996 family pensioners from the same date. Accordingly, in case of those pre-1986 pensioners whose ordinary family pension has been calculated on notional pay under the slab system at the rate of less than 30% as per para 12.2 above, ordinary family pension as on 01.01.1996 shall be re-calculated at the rate of 30% of the notional pay as determined on 01.01.1986. The additional ordinary family pension becoming due on account of difference between ordinary family pension admissible under slab system and at a rate of 30% shall be added to the consolidated ordinary family pension worked out in accordance with the provision of para 12.2 above. The total of these two amounts i.e., consolidated ordinary family pension as on 01 Jan 96 plus additional ordinary family pension shall be basis ordinary family pension w.e.f. 01.01.1996 and shall be subject to a minimum of Rs.1275/- per month and a maximum of 30% of highest pay in the Government as on 01.01.1996. A few examples of calculation of ordinary family pension in the manner prescribed above are given an Annexure I to this letter.


12.4     In cases where ordinary family pension has been granted between 01.01.1986 and 31.12.95 at the rate less than 30% of pay last drawn by the deceased, the benefit of additional family pension admissible under slab system and at a rate of 30% of pay drawn shall be added to the consolidated ordinary family pension payable under this Ministry's letter No.1(2)/97/D(Pen/Ser) dated 24.11.1997. The total of these two amounts i.e., consolidated family pension as on 01.01.1996 plus additional ordinary family pension shall become basic ordinary family pension w.e.f. 01.01.1996 subject to minimum and maximum limits as above.


12.5     In the case of existing pre-1996 pensioners in whose case the ordinary family pension has been jointly notified or notified subsequently, and have not, come into operation as pensioners are/were alive on 01.01.1996,while updating their pension on the basis of notional pay as on 01.01.1986 (actual pay in case of post 01.01.1986 retirees) the ordinary family pension shall be revised and consolidated. Wherever necessary, in terms of these orders. The updated rate of ordinary family pension will apply as and when family pension becomes payable in such cases.






13.            Dearness relief on the revised rate as sanctioned by the Government of India, Ministry of Personnel, PG and Pensions Department of P&PW vide OM No.42/2/97-P&PW (G) dated 27.10.1997 and thereafter will continue to be payable on the revised consolidated pension (RCP)/ Ordinary Family Pension (OFP) payable under this letter.


14        No arrears on account of revision of pension/family pension on notional fixation of pay will be admissible for the period prior to 01.01.1996. For those who were in receipt of family pension as on 01.01.1986, arrears of family pension, if any, will also be admissible w.e.f. 01.01.1996 only.


15.       No commutation will be admissible for the additional amount of pension accruing as a result of this revision. The existing amount of pension commuted, if any, would continue to be deducted from the consolidated pension while making monthly disbursements.


16.            Notional fixation of pay as on 01.01.1986 will not affect DCRG entitlement already determined and paid with reference to rules in force at the time of discharge/death of the PBOR.


17.            Personal pension (PP), if any, granted to PBOR discharged between  01.4.1985 and 31.12.1985, in addition to pension and one time increase (OTI) if any, granted to pre-01.01.1986 pensioners will not be payable w.e.f. 01.01.996 in addition to revised consolidated pension admissible under this letter.


18.       Arrears already paid on account of consolidation of pension/family pension or in continuation of grant of personal pension (PP) or unabsorbed personal pension (UPP) as an interim measure in the case of pre-1986/pre-1996 pensioners'/family pensioners' in accordance with the provisions contained in this Ministry's letter No. 1(2)/97/D(Pen/Sers) dated 24.11.1997 shall be adjusted by pension Disbursing Authorities against arrears becoming due on the revision of pension/family pension on the basis of these orders.


19.       The under mentioned elements will continue to be paid as separate elements in addition to the pension consolidated under these orders.  These payments will not be taken into account for purposes of consolidation as well as for applying minimum limit of Rs.1275/- to the pension.  As usual, dearness relief is also not payable on these elements except for the elements mentioned at (d) below:-


            (a)             Adhoc ex-gratia sanctioned to pre-1.1.1973 pensioners;

(b)        Monetary allowances attached to Gallantary Awards such as Param Vir Chakra, Ashok Chakra etc.,

            (c)             Constant attendance allowance where admissible to disability pensioners.

            (d)             Disability element, if any, as sanctioned from time to time.


20.       Where immediate relief has not been paid so far by the PDAs as per this Ministry's letter dated 24.11.1997 ibid, action should be taken by the PDAs to revise and consolidate pension under the provisions of this letter.  In those cases where revised consolidated pension(RCP) cannot be fixed by the PDAs' immediate relief already authorised for payment under this Ministry's letter dated 24.11.1997 ibid will continue to be paid by the PDAs till final consolidation in terms of the provisions of this letter.




21.1     If a pensioner, to whom benefit accrues under the provisions of this letter as also this Ministry's letter dated 24th November 1997 ibid had already died/dies before receiving the payment on account of arrears, the LTA will be disposed off in the following manner-


(a)        If the claimant to LTA (i) is already in receipt of family pension or happens to be person in whose favour family pension  already stands notified and the awardee has not become ineligible for any reason, or (ii) has already received LTA of pre-revised pension in respect of the deceased to whom benefit would have accrued as per the above mentioned letter. The LTA on account of the revised pension under these letters should also be paid to such a claimant by the PDAs on their own under intimation to CCDA(P).  Allahabad as hitherto fore.


 (b)   If the claimant is a person other than the one mentioned at (a) above, the application submitted by the claimant would be forwarded by the PDAs to CCDA(P) Allahabad.


The application should be supported by the following documents:-

            (i)             Death certificate,

(ii)            Proof of relationship of the claimant with the deceased;

            (iii)            One surety of known financial stability (Indemnity Bond).


21.2     On receipt of the application, CCDA(P), Allahabad would authorise payment of LTA to the claimant after examining all aspects of the case.  If the amount of arrears exceeds Rs.7,500/- (Rupees seven thousand five hundred), CCDA(P) may at his discretion ask for an additional surety.  The obliger as well as the sureties executing the Indemnity Bond should have attained the age of majority so that the Bond(s) may have legal effect.  The bonds should also be accepted on behalf of the President, by an officer duly authorised under Article 299(i) of the constitution.


21.3     In case of any doubt PDAs may refer the matter to CCDA(P) Allahabad, who will have the authority to insist on production of the legal heir ship certificate, especially where the arrears involved exceed Rs.25,000/-(Rupees twenty five thousand).


21.4     Where the final consolidation of pension cannot be done by the PDAs on their own or where delay in doing so is anticipated due to any reason, PDAs should advise the pensioners to nominate a person/persons to receive LTA on account of revision under these orders if they so desire.  For this purpose, the pensioners may submit a simple application (in duplicate) stating clearly name(s) and address(es) as well as relationship(s) with nominee(s).  The duplicate copy of the application should be returned by the PDAs to the pensioner after enfacing the same with their acknowledgement.  The original copy should be retained by the PDAs for use, if and when the contingency arises.  After payment of LTA, if such a contingency arises, the original copy of the application should be attached with the LTA payment account as a supporting document and sent to CCDA(P), Allahabad, and CDA(PD), Meerut/CDA, Chennai in case of DPDOs.


22.       Where the revised and consolidated pension of pre 01.01.1986 pensioner will not be beneficial to him as it may either be equal or less than his existing consolidated pension under Ministry of  Defence letter dated 24.11.97, his pension will not be revised even though he may have applied for its revision.  In such cases the pensioner will be informed accordingly.




23.1     Each pensioner and family pensioner who was in receipt of pension as on 01.01.1996, is required to apply for revision of his/her pension in the prescribed form (in duplicate) given at ANNEXURE-II of this letter, to his/her Pension Disbursing Authority latest by 28.2.1999.  It will be in the interest of the pensioner/family pensioner to furnish full details available with him/her which may facilitate fixation of his/her pay on notional basis, in the application submitted by him/her.


23.2     In cases where the pensioner/family pensioner was alive as on 01.01.1996  and died subsequently, his/her legal heir(s) is/are also entitled to life time arrears w.e.f. 01.01.1996 till the date of death of pensioner/family pensioner. For this purpose legar heir (s) may also apply to Pension disbursing Authority for revision of the pension/family pension of deceased pensioner.




24.1     On receipt of application from the pensioner/family pensioner, the Pension Disbursing Authority will acknowledge the receipt there of to the pensioner/family pensioner indicating serial number of the application through a register maintained for the purpose.


24.2     The PDA will revise the pension as authorised in para 7 above in respect of pre 1.1.1986 pensioners and pay the arrears under these orders. The qualifying service for which revised consolidated pension is being authoerised will be noted prominently in the check/payment register and PPO of the individual as this information is very important for future revision of pension. In cases where OP and/or EP does not match request for authorisation of revised consolidated pension and revision of Ordinary Family Pension as on 01.01.1996 form PSA may be made by forwarding both the copies of application of the  pensioner to Record Office concerned. In cases where OP & EP match, RCP could be authorised by PDA. In both the cases the  application  in respect of pre-1.1.1986 pensioners will be forwarded within a period of 30 days from the date of the receipt of application to the concerned Record Office of the Unit/Corps from where the pensioner was discharged from service for arranging fixation of pay on national basis for revision of family pension. While forwarding the application to the Record Office the relevant entries against Sl. No. 1 to 10 of the application will be verified by the PDA. The full postal address of the Record Office in respect of Army, navy and Air Force personnel is given in Annexure III in respect of Navy and Air Force personnel who were discharged /died on or after 1.11.1985, their application will be forwarded to Bureau of Sailors and AFRO respectively.


24.3            Application (both copies) from pensioners/family pensioners discharged/died on or after 1.1.1986 and granted ordinary family pension at the rate of less than 30% shall be forwarded by Pension Disbursing Authority direct to Record Offices for arranging revision of ordinary family pension under  these orders.


24.4     While forwarding the application from pensioners/family pensioners discharged/died prior to 1.1.96, the PDA will also endorse the rates of pension/family pension, consolidated under Ministry's letter dt. 24.11.97 or revised and consolidated under these orders indicating other elements.




25.1     On receipt of application (Annexure-II) from pensioners/family pensioners discharged/died  prior to 01.01.1986 the concerned Record Offices will initiate Annexure-IV in duplicate and forward within 30 days the same to their respective Pay Accounts Office(PAO) with such information/documents as may help the PAO to fix notional pay of concerned PBOR as on 01.01.86.


25.2     The Record Offices on receipt of letter intimating notional pay (Annexure-IV in duplicate) in respect of pre 01.01.1986 discharge/death cases from their Pay Accounts Office, will forward within 30 days LPC-cum-data sheet on the proforma prescribed by the Chief CDA (Pensions) together with application from pensioner/family pensioner for issue of corrigendum PPO indicating revised consolidated ordinary family pension that would be payable to the family from 01.01.96 or form the date following the casualty of the pensioner whichever is later to the PDA of pensioner/family pensioner.


25.3     In cases where PDA could not authorise revised consolidated pension(RCP) as OP and/or EP do not match, one copy of application of the pensioner will be forwarded within 30 days to the PSA concerned for authorisation or issue of corr. PPO to the PDA.


25.4     The Record Office will make suitable endorsement in the Sheet Roll/Long Roll of the pensioner/deceased PBOR pensioner regarding revised and consolidated pension and/or ordinary family pension being authorised from 01.01.96 inter alia indicating scale of pay of the rank and group in which pay has notionally been fixed and current PDA's  name and address.


25.5     The Record Office will critically examine the application forms of pensioners discharged prior to 1.1.1986 and their respective service documents where the pensioner has  a living spouse but ordinary family pension has not been sanctioned in favour of the spouse, action will simultaneously be initiated for grant of ordinary family pension.  In such cases the details of notional pay and revised ordinary family pension due to spouse shall be recorded with the service documents for further action.




26.1     It will be the responsibility of the concerned Pay Accounting Authorities viz., PAO(ORs)/NPO/AFCAO for fixation of pay on notional basis as on 1.1.1986 in the rank and group last held in respect of pre-1.1.1986 discharge/death cases at the earliest, under these orders.  After refixation of notional pay, the Annexure IV will be returned to Record Office within 60 days duly authenticated under office seal.


26.2            Revision of pay on notional basis from time to time as indicated in the preceding paragraphs will require locating old records for past periods.  It is likely that the service records of a large number of PBOR may not be available on account of having been destroyed on expiry of their scheduled retention period.  Where old records are not available, in such cases Record Office concerned will make available to Pay Accounts Offices, copies of relevant orders/documents available with them indicating the scale of pay of post held by the PBOR  at the time of discharge/death as also qualifying service rendered(in case of service/invalid pensioners/service element of disability pension and service element of war injury pay only).  In case of pre-1973 discharge /death, if no service records, whatsoever are available, the PAO (ORs)/NPO/AFCAO will record a certificate to the effect that it has not been possible to revise the pay on notional basis due to non-availability of service records.  The pay of such pre 1973 pensioners/family pensioners will be notionally fixed at the minimum pay prescribed for each rank and group in SAI I/S/87, SNI 2/S/87 and SAFI 1/S/87 as amended from time to time or government orders issued on the subject from time to time to implement Fourth Pay Commission recommendations.



27.1     On receipt of LPC-Cum-data sheet duly supported with the notional pay details on Annexure-IV together with the application from the pensioner/family pensioner discharged/died prior to 01.01.1986(application form only in respect of the pensioner/family pensioner discharged/died on or after 01.01.86,) the Chief CDA(P) Allahabad, CDA(Navy), Mumbai and CDA(AF), New Delhi will revise the ordinary family pension and consolidate under these  orders and issue corr. PPO to PDA concerned within 60 days.


27.2     In those cases where OP and/or EP etc., does not match at the PDA's office, the PSA will issue authorisation letter/corr.  PPO  on the basis of his records in each case.


28            Concerted efforts should be made by all concerned authorities to ensure that pre-1986 pensioners/pre-96 pensioners/family pensioners are not put to any harassment or hardship in regard to re-flexation of their pay/pension/family pension.


29.       These orders issue with the concurrence of the Fincance Division of this Ministry vide their u.o.No. 1247/Pen/98 dated 13th July 1998.


30.       Hindi version of these orders will follow.


Yours Faithfully































Calculation of revised ordinary family pension and its consolidation



(Referred to in Para 12-3).


NO. 1
NO. 2

i) Rank Last held

Subedar Gp D

Nb Sub Gp A

ii) Date of discharge/death



iii) Scale of pay at the time of discharge



iv) Pay Last dawn



v) Scale of pay of rank as on 01.01.1986


Same as at (iii) above

vi) Notional pay fixed on 01.1.1986(pay last drawn for post 86 cases).



(vii) Classification, pay, if any as on 01.1.1986



(viii) Total of (vi) & (vii)



(ix) Ordinary family pension(OFP) admissible on 01.1.1986 on national pay and classification pay. if any, for pre '86' cases or OFP admissible on last pay and classification pay, if any, as at (vii) at the rate of force on 01.1.1986

450 minimum

450 minimum

(x) Consolidated family pension admissible on 01.01.1996 with reference to (vi) above in terms of Min of Def letter No. 1(2) /97/D(Pens/Ser dated 24.11.1997.



(xi) Family pension @ 30% of emoluments fixed on notional basis as at (v) above.



(xii) Additional family pension admissible on 1.01.96(Sl-xi-Sl,ix)



(xiii) Total family pension admissible on 01.01.1996 (Sl. x+Sl. xii)





(As referred to in para 23.1)




(TO BE SUBMITTED IN DUPLICATE BY Personnel Below Officer Rank (PBOR) or his family addressed to Record Office of the Unit/Corps from which he was discharged)







(Through Pension Disbursing Authority)


Sub :- Revision of Pension/Family Pension in the case of Pre-1986/pre-1996 pensioner/family pensioners as on 01.01.1996.



            With a view to revise my pension/ordinary family pension entitlement shown in my PPO in terms of the Ministry of Defence letter No. 1(2)/98/D(Pen/Ser) dated 14.7.1998, the requisite particulars are given below :-


1.         Name of the PBOR :


2.         Rank & Regimental No. ::


3.         Rank in which pensioned:


4.         Type of pension admissible:


5.         Name of the family pensioner in case of

            family pension (applicable only when

            applicant is a family pensioner) :


6.         Date of discharge/death of The PBOR :


7.         Date from which pension/family pension



8.         Pension Payment Order (PPO No.) (in case:

            original pension was sanctioned in Pension

            Circular, please quote District P.C No.

Volume, Part, date and descriptive Serial No.


9.         Office and address of Pension Disbursing :

Authority (Paying Bank Br with SB/Current

 A/c No./Treasury/DPDO/PAO) :


10.       (a) Name of Surviving Spouse

            (b) PPO No. Where ordinary family pension

has been granted to spouse

(Separately through corrig. PPO) :


11.       Name of applicant if the application:

            is made on behalf of pensioner/family

            pensioner for Life-Time Arrears


12.            Address of the pensioner/family pensioner/:






DATE :                                                                                                            SIGNATURE

                                                                        (PENSIONER/FAMILY PENSIONER/HEIR)


PART.II (to be completed by PDA)


1.---------Pension revised at Rs. ________per month of rank______Group_______and

qualifying service_________year Table No.


In addition

(i)         Ad-hoc Ex-gratia, if any,                                          Rs. -------

(ii)             Gallantry award, if any                                     Rs.----------

(iii)             Constant Attendance Allowance, if any                   Rs.------

(iv)             Disability element, if any,                                          Rs----------


2.         As per our records OP of Rs. ------- and E.P. of Rs. --------- does not match from the Table No.-------Please intimate RCP payable to the pensioner w.e.f. 01.01.1996.


3.            Particulars at S. No. 1 to 10 verified and forwarded to the Record Office ----------





Rubber Stamp of Pension Disbursing Authority











(Referred to in para 24.2)




1. Records, Air Defence, Artillery, Nasik Road Camp, Nasik-422102

19. Records, The Dogra Regt. Faizabad 224001

2. Records Armoured Corps, Ahmed Nagar-414001

20. Records, Kumaon Regt. Ranikhet-263645.

3. Records, The Madras Engr. Gp. Bangalore-560042.

21. Records, The Assam Regt. Shilong-793007

4. Records, The Bengal Engr. G.p. Roorkee.

22. Records, The Mahar Regt. Saugor-470001

5. Records, The Bombay Engr. Gp. Kirkee, Pune-411003

23. Records, The J&K Rifles, Jabalpur-482001

6. Records, Signals, Jabalpur-482001

24. Records, Jallundhar Recruiting Area, Jullundhar Cantt.

7. Records, The Bihar Regt. Danapore Cantt-801503

25. Records, The Ladakh Scouts, Leh, Ladakh-194001

8. Records, Bridge of the Guards, Kamptee-441001(Mah)

26. Records, The J& K Light Infantary, Hatt Chinar, Srinagar.

9. Records, The Para Regt. Bangalore-560042

27. Records 14 GR, Subathu, Shimla Hills.

10. Records, The Mechanised Inf. Ahmednagar 414001.

28. Records, 39, GR, Varanasi Cantt. 221001

11. Records, The Punjab Regt. Ramgarh Cantt-829122

29. Records, 58 GR, Shillong-793007

12. Records, The Madras Regt. Wellington-643231

30. Records, 11GR, Lucknow-226001

13. Records, The Grenadiers, Jabalpur-482001

31. Records, ASC (Sup), Banglore-560007.

14. Records, The Maratha Li Belgaum-590009

32. Records, ASC (MT), Bangalore-560007

15. Records, The Rajputana Rifles, Delhi Cantt-110010

33. Records, ASC (AT), Gaya Cantt-823005

16. Records, The Rajput Regt. Fatehgarh-209601

34. Records, AMC Lucknow Cantt. 226002.

17.Records, The Jat Regt. Bareilly-243001

35. Records, AOC, Secunderabad-500021.

18. Records, The Sikh Regt. Ramgarh Cantt-829122

36. Records, EME Secunderabad-500021.

37. Records RVC Meerut Cantt. -250001

45. Records, The President's Body Guard, New Delhi.

38. Records, AEC Pachmnarhi-461001

46. Records, Defence Security Corps, Mill Road, Cannanore-670013.

39. Records, Intelligence Corps Pune-411010.

47. Gorkha Records Office, Ghoom, Darjeeling (WB)

40. Records, CMP Bangalore-560025

48. Gorkha Records Office, Lebong, Darjeeling (WB)

41. Records, APTC Pune-441022

49. Gorkha Records Office, Kunraghat, Gorakhpur-273008.

42. Records, Pioneer Corps, Banglore-560006

50. Record Office, Indian Embassy, Kathmandu, Nepal.

43. Records, APS Kamptte-441001

51. Records, Sikh LI Fatehgarh-209601

44. Records Artillery, Nasik Road Camp, Nasik-422102

52.  Records, The Garhwal Rifles, Lansdowne-246155.


Bureau of Sailors,

Cheetah Camp, Mankhurd, Mumbai-400088


Air force Record Office,

Subrato Park,

New Delhi-110010



























(Referred to in para 25.2)




(To be prepared in duplicate by RO/Bureao of Sailors/AFRO)             Sl.No.________

(To be allotted by the RO/Bureao of Sailors/AFRO)




            _____________________(Pay Accounts Office)


SUB: Flxation of notional pay as on 01.01.1986



            The pensioner whose particulars are given below has applied for revision and consolidation of ordinary family pension in terms of Ministry of Defence Letter no. 1(2)/98/D(Pen/Ser) dated 14.7.1998 You are requested to fix notional pay as on 01.1.1986.


1.         Name of PBOR

2.            Reglmental No, Rank and Group

3.         Scale of Pay of the rank and group last held

4.         Last pay drawn on the date of discharge/Death

5.         Date of discharge/death



DATE                                                                                                  SIGNATURE




 (To be completed by PAO(ORs/CDA(Navy)/CDA/(AF)


6.            Notional Fixation of pay in the applicable scale of pay for the rank and group :-


(a) Notional pay as on...............

(I) on

(II) Scale of Pay.........

(b) Notional Pay as on 01.7.1959/Date of discharge/death.................

(I) Rs.....................

(II) Scale of Pay..........

(c) Notional pay as on 01.1.1973/Date of discharge/death....................

(I) Rs....................

(II) ................


(d) Notional pay as on 1.1.1986 or actual pay last drawn

(I) *Rs. .............

(II) Scale of pay.................


Note : Portion not applicable may be scored out.

            Pay Last drawn by the above PBOR has been checked from the original records held by this Office/Record office and the Notional pay has been arrived at correctly under applicable pay fixation Rules as for serving personnel then appliccable.




Pay Accounts Officer (ORs)




Dated .................