FAQ related to Commissioned Officers
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FAQ raised by pensioners during the monthly seminar of retiring commissioned officers`

Q: 1 What is the method of calculation of commuted value of pension ?

A: The formula of calculation of commuted value of pension is as under:

Portion of pension to be commuted i.e. 43% or 50% of pension (as the case may be) X 12 X Purchase value for the age next birthday.

Q: 2 What is the method of restoration of commuted value of pension?

A: The commuted portion of pension shall be restored and full pension paid after expiry of 15 years from the date the pension was reduced on account of commutation. As per standing instruction to all PDA’s the commuted portion of pension shall be restored and full pension will be paid automatically.

Q: 3 What is the procedure for change of Pension Disbursing Agency (PDA) and change of address for correspondence?

A: In case of change of banker, the PDA will directly transfer the pension account to the new Bank on receipt of application from the pensioner. Thereafter the officer will inform this office, indicating Bank A/C, PPO No. and full address of new paying branch with a letter to this effect from the bank.

In case change of correspondence address, Officer is required to intimate new address to this office, which is noted in the record of the concerned officer and the same is confirmed to the pensioner

Q:4 What is the reason for withholding Rs. 1000/- and when will it be released ?

A: : Rs. 1000/- is withheld to adjust the outstanding demand if any. The withheld amount of retirement gratuity of Rs. 1000/- is released by PDA after the expiry of six months from the date of retirement in case any letter conveying further demand is not received from Principal Controller of Defence Accounts (Officers).

Q:5 Why is my pension less than the pension of my course-mate?

A: The PPO has been notified on the basis of LPC cum data sheet received from PCDA (O) Pune, indicating Last Pay Drawn by the officer. In other words, unless the last pay drawn is same the pension will not be comparable.

Q:6 Why have I not been given commuted portion of pension?

A: Wherever AFMSF-16 or 18 (Release Medical Board) has not been received, commutation of pension has not been notified.

Q:7 Why has the disability element not been granted?

A:Wherever Govt. Sanction from AHQ has not been received, disability element has not been granted.

Q:8 How is disability element calculated?

A: The formula of calculation of disability element is as under:
Disability element = 30% of last pay drawn for 100% disability and further reduced proportionately if disability is less than 100% e.g.
For 20% disability = 20% of 30%(last pay drawn)


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