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Addl Dte Gen Personnel Services
Adjutant General Branch
Army Headquarters
DHQ PO New Delhi-110 011

B/38403/AG/PS-4 (b)                                                                                                                             26 Sep 2003

The PCDA (P) Allahabad
The CDA (O) Pune


1.    Reference Rule 65 (b), Financial Regulation Part-I

2.    The under mentioned officers are authorised to sign communication conveying sanction in respect of powers delegated vide Ministry of Defence letter No.4684/Dir (Pens)/2001 dated 14th Aug 2001 and corrigendum No.4684/Dir (Pens)/2001 dated 7th Nov 2001:-

  Power Authorisation to
a Division of Family Pension between eligible family members Sri MN Ashgar, DIR PS-4
Smt Lina Mukherjee,Dy DIR PS-4(b & e)
Sri BB Sharma, Dy DIR PS-4(a & c)
Sri SK Joshi, Dy DIR PS-4(d)
b Cases for initial claim of Special Family Pension in respect of officers - do -
c Payment of dues to NOK of Deserter - do -
d Cases for condonation of short fall in qualifying service in respect of PBOR beyond six months upto 12 months - do -
e Grant of ex-gratia award to cadets on death/disability within Govt. approved terms and conditions - do -
f Cases for grant or otherwise of pensionary entitlements in respect of officers who are dismissed/removed from service - do -
g Grant of pensionary entitlements in respect of PBOR dismissed from service - do -
h Grant of disability pension to officers - do -
j First appeal against rejection of Ordinary Family Pension, Special Family Pension, Disability Pension, Ex-gratia award etc to officers/PBOR - do -
k Implementation judgments delivered by various courts - do -

3.    The specimen signatures of the above officers are given below:-