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Types of Complaints

Methods for Redressal

a) Through the PGO

b) Through Pension Adalats

c) Through this Website

d) Telephone

e) E-Mail

f) Visit PCDA(P) Allahabad

g) Write to Us

h) Write to Director(Pensions), Min. of Defence

Types of Complaints

There are broadly two types of complaints.

 a)              Relating to grant/revision : For redressal of their grievances relating to pension sanction/revision, individual should first approach his Head of Office/ Record Office from where he retired/discharged , as the claims are initiated by them to the office of the PCDA (P).

             Except in the case of Commissioned Officers whose PPOs are sent by PCDA (P) direct to PDAs and they can write to Grant- I Military section.

             In case of Naval officers/ personnel discharged on or after 1.11.85 the complaints may be addressed to CDA (Navy),No. 1, Cooperage Road, Mumbai-400039 email-id cdabombay@hub.nic.in as they are the concerned Pension Sanctioning Authorities. 

In case it is informed by your Head of Office/ Record Office that your pension case is pending with Pr. CDA (P), Allahabad, then please quote letter No. and date under which claim has been sent to this office and also quote your original PPO number in case the complaint relates to revision or issue of corrigendum PPO. 

b)                  Complaint relating to payment of pension. In your complaints relating to payment, the following channels may be utilised : 

In case the pension is being drawn from

Agency for complaint


Director of Treasury of that State/Treasury Officer

Public Sector Bank

Regional Office of PSB concerned/Manager of the bank branch


(Please also see details under the Pension Disbursing Agencies list )

CDA (PD) Meerut for Northern DPDOs  or CDA -Chennai for four southern DPDOs or to Audit section of PCDA(P) Draupadi Ghat Allahabad

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Through the PGO

a)     Public Grievances Officer in the Office of the Pr.CDA(P) Allahabad). The address of PGO is as under: 

          Shri Sandeep Sarkar, IDAS


          Public Grievances Officer (PGO)

          Office of the Pr. CDA (Pensions),

          Draupadi Ghat, Allahabad - 211014

          Phone No.(PBX)    -   0532/2622618, 2622698, 2622699

          Direct phone no.  - 2420210,  Residence  - 2622223
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Through Pension Adalats

       Every year, Pr. CDA(P),  CDA(PD) Meerut and  CDA Chennai hold 4 Defence Pension Adalats in different parts of the country and wide publicity is given for the same in News papers etc.The month and place of the next Adalat will also be displayed under 'What's new' on this Web Site. Any grievance in respect of pension sanction/payment, received by the Pension Adalat Officer is settled in a time bound manner and the pensioner is informed. The pensioner can send his grievances to the nominated , Defence Pension Adalat Officer, Office of the Pr. CDA(P), Allahabad - 211014., if the Adalat is to be conducted by PCDA(P) Allahabad. 

All the information relating to the date and venue of the Pension Adalat in the near future will be provided on this Website.

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Through this Website

You can lodge a complaint through this Website. Please click the heading 'Lodge a complaint' on this Website and you will find the form for lodging a complaint. Please fill in all the information mentioned in that format to enable us to reach you soon with a solution to your problems.

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a)     You can also ring us up and tell us the problem. The sections dealing with different types of pensions/work are given in a tabular form under the heading 'Organisation Chart' on this Website. You can identify the section and talk to the officer in-charge concerned. Our PBX numbers are :

STD code-0532

PBX  2622618, 2622698, 2622699.
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You can send your complaints through E-Mail to this office .Our E-Mail address is cda-albd@hub.nic.in. 

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Visit PCDA(P) Allahabad

If you are planning to visit the Office of the PCDA  (P) Allahabad, please do check the information given under  'Visit Allahabad' on this Website. Once you reach PCDA (P) Allahabad, report at the Reception to get yourself guided to the concerned section

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Write to Us

Please do write to us your grievances on the format given below. Our Postal Address is :

Office of the Principal Controller of Defence Accounts (Pensions)

Draupadi Ghat, Allahabad 211014. 

The following information is necessary for linking of your case. You can  download this form and write to us .

FORM FOR WRITING A COMPLAINT(Lodge complaint Online) 

1.     Name of Pensioner /family pensioner 

2.     Name of the deceased in case of family pension 

3.     Rank of Pensioner

4.     Record Office/HOO concerned/Office 

5.     Date of retirement/death of pensioner 

6.     PPO number under which pension granted (if already sanctioned) 

7.     Latest Corrigendum PPO if any 

8.     Previous references if any: 

 (Please also give no. and date of letter under which claim has been forwarded to Pr. CDA (P), Allahabad

9.     Name of PDA/Bank branch from where pension is being drawn 

10. Saving Bank Account No. 

11. Your complete Postal Address with E mail address/Telephone No., if any 

12. In case you are not a pensioner, please fill column 1, 3, 11 and 13  

13. Your specific grievance/query  (In case you are a 'State Forces pensioner', please quote the 'State'  you retired from) 

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Write to Director (Pensions), Ministry of Defence

For your grievance you may please write to

Director(Pensions), Ministry of Defence, New Delhi

Phone no. (011)23015609

Mail to Harbans Singh

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ã Principal Controller of Defence Accounts (Pensions), Draupadi Ghat, Allahabad - 211014

Phone No. (0532) 2622618,  2622698,  2622699

Fax No. (0532) 2624053, 2621549