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Vth Central Pay Commission orders on Disability/War injury/Special family/Liberalised family pension have been issued vide Ministry of Defence No. 1(2)/97/D(Pen-C) dt. 31.1.2001 and No. 1(2)/97/D(Pen-C) dt. 7.2.2001.  In brief, following improvements have taken place. 

2.          Disability Pension

(a)  Service element as per table for service pension for PBOR and retiring pension for Commissioned officers

(b) Disability element 


Commissioned officers & Hony Commissioned officers

Rs. 2600/- p.m. for 100% disability


Junior commissioned officer

Rs.1900/- p.m. for 100% disability


Other ranks & Non combatants (E)

Rs.1550/- p.m. for 100% disability

 3.          Rounding off disability element for Invalidment cases only 



Rounded off to


Less than 50%



50% and above but upto 75%



76% to 100%


 4.          Disability element in War Injury cases will be double the rate of normal disability element mentioned at para 2(b) above. 

5.          C.A.A. (@) Rs. 600/- p.m. 

Special family pension: 

                    60% of reckonable emoluments irrespective of whether widow has child or not subject to minimum of Rs. 2550/- to nominee in the case of PBOR & widow in the case of Commissioned officers 

Liberalised family pension: 

          Equal to 100% of reckonable emoluments as hithertofore.   


          Now widow on remarriage will get the same special/Liberalised family pension if she continues to support the children otherwise ordinary family pension will be granted.