SPARSH - An Introduction

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SPARSH - System for Pension Administration (Raksha)

   SPARSH - Comprehensive Pension Package (CPP), an end to end Online System facilitating and easing every aspect of Defence Pensions from Initiation to Disbursement and more is being launched shortly in phased-wise manner. CPP is envisaged to ensure Right payment to the Right pensioner at the Right time through digital processing of 30 lakh + pensioners.

   The need for SPARSH has been felt to obviate and address the current challenges in the pension sanctioning and disbursement process such as Decentralized solution existing in silos, Manual intervention in processing, Lack of Centralized information for addressing pensioner queries etc. SPARSH will include all the processes and functionalities needed in the Pension processing life cycle i.e. Initiation to Disbursement facilitated through a Single source of Truth.

   The product function of CPP broadly encompasses the following Modules under a single umbrella:

   The major benefits envisaged to accrue upon implementation of SPARSH are:

   With an objective of eliminating the very cause of grievances over a period of time.

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